Peer programme Connecting Europe

One of the objectives of EReg is to connect the Registration Authorities in Europe to support each other with the implementation of legislation and the carrying out of their tasks. The EReg community does this by means of knowledge exchange, practice sharing and active support. Apart from sharing contact details, this requires an active and up to date network of colleagues that know each other, understand the context of each other’s local circumstances and challenges and that can bridge cultural differences in finding solutions.


Therefore, EReg aims to set up a peer programme, in which Registration Authorities can participate to obtain more knowledge and experiences from other Authorities’ work in practice.


The EReg peer programme aims to:

  1. enhance the ties between the European Registration Authorities,
  2. thus creating a stronger and active network of colleagues,
  3. that can bridge the cultural differences,
  4. and understand the differences in local challenges,


by providing the possibilities and lowering the barriers for employees of EReg members to gain ‘live’ experience at a colleague registration authority in another member state.


More information on the peer programme can be found in this document. If you have any questions, please contact EReg Secretariat.