Improving digital public services

The EReg Topic Group  XVII. dealt with improving registration and licensing services through the use of digital service channels. The objective of this Topic Group was to identify best practice across the range of digital services provided by EReg members, and to:

  • Identify best practices in the development of digital services. This will identify the various development techniques and methodologies that have been used across EReg members and to set out best practice;

  •  Showcase these through a series of case studies – where digital services have been introduced to help improve the experience of customers and introduce efficiencies in the registration and licensing functions of various member states.


As part of this workstream, a best practice catalogue guide was developed covering: 

  • Digital processes for services/products
  • Proving ID electronically
  • Encouraging the provision of digital services
  • Making it simple – ‘digital by default’
  • Development approaches.


The final report of this Topic Group can be found on the bottom of this page.


The coming months a best practices webpage will be developed on which examples of succesfull digital service products of the EReg members are showcased.

Members of this group


  • 09



    3rd Meeting on Improving Public Services

    The third and final meeting of EReg TG XVII was held on Friday 9 September. The meeting was hosted by REGITRA and took place in Vilnius, Lithuania.

  • 26



    2nd Meeting on Improving Public Services

    On 26 April EReg Topic Group XVII met for a second time in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

  • 15



    1st Meeting on Improving Public Services

    The first meeting of Topic Group XVII on Improving Public Services took place in Swansea, United Kingdom.