At the EReg Plenary Board Meeting & Annual Conference 2008 in Malta, the decision had been taken to establish EReg Topic Groups. Over the years, the activities of the various EReg Topic Groups have resulted in around ten Final Reports, in which the subjects of the Topic Groups are described and analysed in more detail and conclusions and recommendations are formulated. These Final Reports are available at the Publications part of this website.

This section provides further information about the EReg Topic Groups. Please login to get access to the members' part of this website to have a look at additional information and meeting documents.

Topic Group IV and Topic Group XV are not enlisted on the website, either because they have been merged with a related Topic Group (in case of Topic Group IV, which merged with Topic Group II) or because the subject was not widely supported (in case of Topic Group XV).


  • TOPIC 22

    Topic Group XXII on Dynamic Vehicle Characteristics

    Vehicle data is becoming more and more dynamic and developments in the vehicle branche (innovations and regulations) lead to questions about how to deal with this dynamic data

  • TOPIC 0

    Taskforce Data Protection

    In May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation came into effect and EU Member States had to implement the GDPR before this date. EReg worked on the interpretation of t

  • TOPIC 21

    on Harmonisation of Registration Procedures and Data Quality

    At the General Meeting in Portugal in May 2019 it was decided to start a new EReg Topic Group XXI on Harmonisation of Registration Procedures and Data Quality.

  • TOPIC 12

    CoC data exchange

    The EReg Topic Group XII deals with CoC data exchange. On 3 November 2011 this Topic Group was officially installed in cooperation with TAAM/ETAES.

  • TOPIC 1

    International data exchange

    The EReg Topic Group I deals with International data exchange.





TG I International Data Exchange - Hungary

The next meeting of EReg Topic Group I on International Data Exchange will be held in Budapest, Hungary, on October 9-10, 2024.