The Vehicle Chain in Europe 2014

The Vehicle Chain in Europe


A Survey of Vehicle and Driving Licence Procedures

The Vehicle Chain in Europe Report analyses and compares the responsibilities, tasks and activities of the vehicle and driving licence registration authorities in Europe. The most recent published version is The Vehicle Chain in Europe of 2014 with contributions from 23 countries in total. EReg publishes The Vehicle Chain report every two years. The 2014 report is based on the country reports as available on the Vehicle Chain website in spring 2014. Since the previous edition in 2011 one new country -Slovakia- has been added.


The Vehicle Chain in Europe is a product of the Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities (EReg). The main goal of this publication is to facilitate cooperation between the registration authorities that are working through EReg on subjects, such as international data exchange, re-registration of vehicles within the European Union, prevention of vehicle crime and fraud, vehicle mileage registration and standardisation of the chip on smart cards.


There is a special Vehicle Chain website with detailed country information online, giving participating countries the opportunity to frequently update their data.