EC publishes tool on road safety

We would like to inform you that the European Commission published a tool on the road safety website. This tool displays the different models of vehicles registration and roadworthiness documents in European member states.

This tool can be used by both citizens and authorities whenever cars are imported. It enables them to see if the document that accompanied the car, corresponds to the model used by the Member State concerned. This way, citizens can use it when they are buying a second-hand from abroad, for example.

The tool helps authorities with the re-registration of imported cars and also provides general information, for example on periodic roadworthiness testing and vehicle registration in the Member States, and links to the website of the national authorities for more.

These are the links:


The EC would be glad to also display information of Member states which have not yet contributed to the content. Any new information or updates can be sent to ( whenever there is a change in any of the displayed documents or referenced links.