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European Commission reviewed its 2020 work programme in light of the COVID-19 crisis

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and its economic consequences the European Commission has been reviewing its 2020 work programme. Although climate policies remain broadly on track (some are given more priority), other initiatives under the European..


Germany starts its Presidency on 1 July 2020

Per July 2020, the presidency of the Council of the EU will be held by our fellow member Germany. The presidency is responsible for driving forward the Council's work on EU legislation, ensuring the continuity of the EU agenda, orderly legislative pr..


Declaration for crossborder enforcement of low- and zero-emission Zones

With the European Green Deal, the European Commission has ambitious plans to tackle climate and environmental-related challenges. Low- and zero-emission zones (LEZ and ZEZ) have proven to be effective instruments in making transport become drasticall..


Update EReg Topic Groups

Originally most TG meetings were postponed due to the sudden COVID-19 measures restricting foreign travel. In the meantime most of them have either taken place or are planned in the near future, in both instances via videoconference...

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