Academy on Micromobility and Electric Scooters

Who: For EReg Members and EReg partners

When: 2 November 2021, 11:00-13:00

Where: Zoom


There has been an increase in the use of special mopeds / light electric vehicles on the road. In contrast to mopeds, which fall under the European Regulation 168/2013, special mopeds are not regulated under the European legislation. Member states have their own rules and practices. Based on an EReg questionnaire, it is clear that there are many different national approaches to dealing with the special mopeds. The definition of what constitutes a special moped / light electric vehicle differs throughout Europe; some countries register them, others don’t and the same goes for issuing a licence plate. The aim of this EReg Academy is to provide more insight into the current situation with regards to these vehicles. Which rules and practices apply; are there any attempts to harmonise these practices; what are the challenges faced by the registration authorities and can we define some possible solutions to dealing with these challenges?




  1. 11:00-11:10: Opening and Introduction by the Host – Hugh Evans (UK, DVLA, and EReg Advisory Board Member) 
  1. 11:10-11:25: ‘Setting the scene’ – this  will give an overview of how mobility in our cities is changing. There is a growing need for more micro mobility solutions to help citizens’ mobility, movement of goods and services, reduce pollution, reduce congestion,  etc. 

Speaker: Tony Campbell (UK): CEO of the Motor Cycle Industry Association. 

  1. 11:25-11:40: ‘The types of vehicles’ – this part of the agenda will be on e-scooters, but will also aim to give the audience a good overview of the types of vehicles that come under the micro mobility banner.

Speaker: Ianto Guy (UK): Vehicle safety and technology consultant from TRL. 

      4. 11:40-11:55: Road safety and pedestrian safety issues that electric scooters present – a presentation              about the accidents caused by e-scooters; what kind of accidents happen and how to prevent them?

Speaker: Kaisa Virtanen (FI, Orthopaedic surgeon at Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS)).

  1. 11:55-12:10: ‘An e-scooters pilot’ – this will give an overview of the e-scooters pilot on the streets
    of the City of London. This will set out their experience to date and the benefits and
    issues identified.

Speaker: Mr James Padden, Department for Transport, London, UK

  1. 12:10-12:25: ‘The Registration Authority perspective’ – presenting the potential impact that e-scooters will have on registration authorities and how these will be managed.

Speaker: Paul Dietz (NL): Division Manager Supervision and Control, RDW. 

  1. 12:25-12:40: Discussion, Q&A
  1. 12:45: End of the Academy