Partner Organisations


In August 2017, the renewed alliance between the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) and EReg was signed by Ms Anne S. FERRO, President & CEO of AAMVA and Mr Servi BECKERS, EReg Chairman. The renewed alliance reaffirms the collaboration between EReg and AAMVA in the pursuit of their common goals in a rapidly and globally changing automotive world, through the exchange of information and programs, consultation and cooperation of staff/membership. On short term, knowledge and best practices can be shared on topics such as mobile driving licence (mDL) standards and autonomous / self driving vehicles. The EReg delegation also participated in the AAMVA Annual International Conference 2017. 

Founded in 1933, AAMVA represents the state and provincial officials in the United States and Canada who administer and enforce motor vehicle laws.


In October 2017, the alliance between Austroads and EReg was signed by Mr Nick KOUKOULAS, Chief Executive of Austroads and Mr Servi BECKERS, EReg Chairman. In Cologne, Germany the respective representatives of both organisations were able to meet each other and sign the alliance. The alliance promotes cooperation and communication between the two organisations to benefit their respective members in achieving their goals and objectives. Knowledge, best practices and expertise will be shared on several topics such as autonomous/ self driving vehicles and the Vehicle Chain. In the coming months, EReg and Austroads will further discuss the possibilities and activities that can be carried out.

Austroads is the peak organisation of Australasian road transport and traffic agencies and supports their member organisations to deliver an improved Australasian road transport network.




In October 2020, the alliance between EReg and CIECA was signed by René Claesen, CIECA Chairman, and Servi Beckers, EReg Chairman. EReg and CIECA share many common goals and objectives. Agreed was to collaborate on our common goals through the exchange of information and programs, consultation and staff/membership cooperation. EReg and CIECA specifically agreed on collaboration in the areas of:

  • ADAS systems and how these are to be registered
  • Vehicle identity registration and the Vehicle Driving Licence Framework
  • Mobile Driving Licence developments and use cases (for instance as a key containing more specific information about driving competences
  • 3rd driving licence directive evaluation and possible revision 

CIECA is the International Commission for Driver Testing and is active in the fields of road safety and driver testing. 




On 13 October 2021, the partnership agreement between CITA and EReg was signed. Mr. Gerhard Müller, the CITA President, and Mr. Servi Beckers, the EReg Chairman, have both expressed their enthusiasm in working together in the pursuit of common goals and objectives, to keep the roads safe and to contribute to sustainable mobility. How this partnership will take form is through the sharing of knowledge and expertise in the fields of road worthiness, vehicle data management and international (vehicle) data exchange. The signing of the alliance agreement symbolises a promising future for both organisations, because it formalises the good relation between EReg and CITA and because it contributes to the realisation of both associations’ goals. A true win-win situation!

CITA is the International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee, the worldwide association of authorities and private companies active in the field of vehicle compliance.