Plenary Board Meeting & Annual Conference 2008


Date: 08-05-08

On 8 and 9 May 2008, the Plenary Board Meeting and Annual Conference of EReg took place at Malta. The conference was hosted by ADT (The Maltese Transport Authority) and therefore took place at the characteristic island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea.


During the Plenary Board Meeting, the matters of the association were discussed, while the following Annual Conference gave room to six interesting presentations.
Mr Leo Huberts of the European Commission (DG-TREN) gave the participants an update on the activities of the European Commission. Other subjects were international data exchange (Hans van der Bruggen, NL), mileage registration (Ernst Uildriks, NL), the vehicle end-of-life Directive (Richard Kitchen, UK), environmental zones (Detlef Marek, DE) and chipped secure driving licences (Hugh Evens, UK).

A few important highlights of the conference were the approval of the Constitution and the Rules of Procedure of EReg and the admittance of two new EReg members Slovakia and Slovenia as of 1 January 2009, who were welcomed by the other members with applause. Another important milestone was the decision to start with eight EReg Topic Groups. The Topic Groups were the result of a selection (by the members) of a large number of possible topics that are part of the (also decreed) Work Plan 2007-2010.

The participants designated the EReg Plenary Board Meeting and the Annual Conference as very successful and the new Topic Groups in particular were seen as the starting Point for further intensive cooperation between the members on the one hand and with the European Commission on the other. Mr Hans van der Bruggen, Chairman of EReg, emphasized that the success of EReg depends on an active contribution of the members to the different activities and Topic Groups. The aim is to develop EReg further to a professional and active association.