Work programme

Every four years the EReg Association formulates a new EReg Work Programme in which the priorities for the coming years are described in more detail.

Based on the outcomes of an EReg questionnaire that was filled in by the EReg Members, the EReg Chairman and Secretariat formulated a first draft of the new Work Programme. This draft was discussed in a Workshop in Jersey in October 2016. Based on the input in the workshop and a review by all EReg Members the final Work Programme 2016-2019, a final version of the program was formulated. The final EReg Work Programme 2016-2019 can be found here.


The Work Programme focuses on four focus areas:

  • High quality products and services for internal and external use;
  • Broad representation of members (internally);
  • To be a recognised partner by relevant stakeholders (externally);
  • Future proof financial structure that lowers (financial) barriers for participation of EReg Members.


Furthermore, the following subjects will be developed into Action Plans:

  • Driving licences: the introduction of virtual driving licences using mobile phone technology (NEW EReg Topic Group XIX on virtual driving licences);
  • Self-driving and intelligent vehicles;
  • Vehicle modification.