The main objective of EReg is to bring together the European Registration Authorities to achieve a more intensive European cooperation and to enable the development of better registration policies that are easier to implement. EReg does this by sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices in a network of Vehicle and Driver Registration professionals from the national authorities.


We work collaboratively on common developments and opportunities in the field of registration and licences and we exchange information and insight improving the registration policies of our affiliated members. EReg does this in the following activities:

  • Topic Groups: deal with different subjects in the field of vehicle and driver registration and can be aimed at sharing knowledge, harmonising procedures or exploring new possibilities and future developments. They are an important tool in achieving further cooperation between EReg Members and improving the work of the registration authorities, but also in contributing and influencing European policy and regulation. During the Annual Conference updates are given on current developments in EReg Topic Groups
  • Annual Conference: during the Annual Conference an update is given on the Topic Group progress. Moreover, the latest developments related to vehicle and driver registration are discussed. Speakers are invited from related or different fields of expertise to shed their light on these developments. 
  • EReg Academy: the Academy is a one-day session during which a specific subject is discussed in-depth with policy makers and / or academic professionals and where EReg colleagues are able to share best practices related to a specific topic.  
  • Vehicle Chain: members also share information about the situation in their country via the Vehicle Chain in Europe  
  • Questionnaires: using questionnaires members can share their own issues or ask other members within the EReg network how they interpret a specific European policy. 
  • Factsheets: EReg publishes Factsheets to inform our members on a specific (EU) policy issue or legislation package. EReg identifies and follows European developments, policies and regulations with a focus on executable policy.


For more information on how the activities are prioritized for the coming years, please consult the Work Programme page. 

EReg's members are notified and informed on these activities via the website and the EReg Newsletter.

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